Wes Wada, chief cook and bottle washer of FlyFoundry.com, had to abandon the site in April 2016 due to serious medical issues in Denver concerning his mother.  He has had full responsibility for her affairs as Power of Attorney and he was away from Oregon and in Denver for five months that year.  He continues to manage her care and assets for the family.

If that weren't enough, Wes was flattened by stress and a severe case of the Shingles virus starting April of 2017, and that illness wiped out last year's fishing season and more. He is still recovering from Shingles-caused nerve damage and is finally getting back on track.

Wes is resuming teaching through Central Oregon Flyfishers with a Winter Fly Tying class Feb. 27th and a pre-meeting presentation for the monthly meeting of COF on March 21st. There are also lots of plans afoot for fishing season this year. 

The two-year lapse in working on the FlyFoundry.com site has caused it, by itself, to become chaotic and corrupted.  There are many glitches, missing files, bad links, etc. now in the old site that will need to be refurbished, and Wes does not yet have the time to do so.

While external links pointing to the old site will still take you to those pages, please accept in advance my apologies for the ragged and imcomplete state of the web site.  We will be working to refurbish and relaunch by Fall of 2018.  There is MUCH in reserve right NOW, waiting to be published.

Amazingly, traffic to this web site still numbers in the tens of thousands of pages viewed each month.
I really thank you for that.   Here's a link to CHAOS (the old site).

Wes's Teaching Schedule


Bend Senior Center, 6-8:30PM

link to Class Flyer

WED. MAR. 21 - CENTRAL OREGON FLYFISHERS montly meeting Pre-Meeting Presentation

Bend Senior Center, 6-6:45PM
"Hands-on Demo of Wes's NZ-Cator indicator system. 

These yarn indicators are very popular locally and in northern California. Inexpensive, lightweight, float forever you can cast them a mile.

Retiring from our Web Business!

Our family business, WadaWorks, has been in operation since 2006, mainly creating print projects and Web sites for numerous clients here and abroad.

We were fortunate to get established during the Internet "Gold Rush Days" of web site development. Somehow, we miraculously survived and thrived all these years with countless other web companies doing the crash-and-burn.

We are no longer taking on new accounts. We decided we wanted to create brand-new mobile-capable web sites for three of our longest-term clients.  This is setting them up in fine shape for many years to come, and we can let WadaWorks ride off into the sunset.

If you are curious about these last three projects, here are the links to see two of these web sites.  The third, for The Law Office of Paul Heatherman, in Bend will be launched by March 12, 2018.

High Plains Wingshooters
Torrington, Wyoming

Atlas Security & Alarm Service
Bend, Oregon