A Fly Tyer’s Creative Overview

It’s a really good idea to look at this article first, as it summarizes the approach and intent of the Fly Foundry site.  

Over time, the intent is to fully populate this site with articles and features that illustrate many of the topics shown below in the master outline.

As corresponding articles are created, links will be entered into the outline to take you right to the corresponding topic page.  The OBSERVATIONS section is mostly for reference, as those topics can be found at many other web sites.  They are basic fly fishing concepts that are important to becoming a skilled fly fisher.

The featured content in site is in the bottom set of topics starting with CREATIVE MINDSET and ending with KEYS THAT ADD LIFE…

 To view the full outline, click the ALL-  (All minus sign) grey button at the top left of the outline.  Also, individual sections can be expanded by clicking any square gray + buttons.