A recent Predicting the Bite example.

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If you haven’t read the book review of Ron Reinhold’s Predicting the Bite, take a look at it, then come back here.

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This is a compilation of barometer graphs for areas east of Bend, Oregon.  Charts start on April 20th, showing each of the days through April 23rd.  The graphs are from the Prineville, Oregon weather station, as complied on www.WeatherUnderground.com

According to the Predicting the Bite formula, we should expect good fishing April 23rd, and especially good fishing during the light blue shaded area.

Several friends and I have put in about 40 man hours fishing this water during early season, and the fishing has been very poor.  The last trip was nine days ago. With the warming weather and ideal barometer pressure patterns, here’s the accompanying fishing report:

We were fishing at 10:15 am; midges popping and fish active.  6 fish in next hour; friend had a long line release on a steelhead sized fish, bright silver, jumped 3 times and huge runs, before getting off.  I landed a 20 incher bright silver in great shape that must have weighed 3+ pounds.  All on midges.

After 11;30, no midges and we found fish here and there , enough to be engaged and some 17-20 inchers in great shape, all bright silver, some on midges.  All strong fighters.

Got off at 4:30 with approaching storm, (hated to leave as fish were getting active – 4 swirls in 10 minutes in our area)

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