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Favorite comments from the Nov. 2013 Redding California workshop for Shasta-Trinity Fly Fishers. (large group, lots of comments)

The best fly tying class ever for STFF!  If not the best, definitely one of the best. – Dick Recchia, Pres., Shasta-Trinity Fly Fishers


When I say your presentation was great, I really mean it. Over the years, I have been to literally hundreds of programs … and few of these rose to the level of organization and clarity of yours…my hat is off to you for a job very well done.

Thanks for all your efforts and sharing your knowledge.  We’ve been talking about it ever since.

I have never attended a more valuable or more enlightening fly tying class. I learned a ton for which I am grateful, and hope to attend any future class you may hold.

This workshop is not your traditional material to hook approach, which in itself, is unique.

You are “effusive” in your willingness to share your knowledge with fellow fly anglers and this is commendable and appreciated.

Tying flies is my passion, but tying flies with a creative thought process really opens up a whole new realm of tying.

I was curious to see if you could fill a whole day with enough material to keep even the most jaded tiers awake. I was not disappointed. I enjoyed the blending of tried and true traditional techniques with the latest innovative materials. Enjoyed the out-of-box thinking for the creative part of us tiers.


Everyone enjoyed being exposed to new ideas and different methods of pursuing a burning passion.  It was nice of you to share the UV2 products and to be able to participate on the ground floor for a fly fishing material.

Unlike most of the current fishing/tying magazines that have long ago run out fresh material you continue to bring to Redding new materials and ideas from some of the most unusual places.


Your class really helped me get out of my per-the-book fly tying rut.


…very patient about answering our questions, and an ability to keep things moving.

I really appreciated your enthusiasm for innovative approaches to tying….I’ve never thought of some of the things you showed us…your superb teaching style added to the overall enjoyment of the clinic.

I would say that you gave out a lot of information in a relative short period of time. Would I ever go to one of your workshops again?  I would signup without even thinking about it.  That’s how much I enjoyed the workshop.


Favorite comments from participants in the Dec. 2012 Bend Workshop:

•  Just what I needed. Thanks for a stimulating workshop.

•  I really appreciated your efforts to get us to think out of the box – to find value in trying new methods and new materials.

•  Great class. The UV resin opens a new field of possibilities. I also like your ideas on how to expand  your thinking.

•  Your design of the NZ-cator (a new strike indicator) was worth the workshop fee all by itself.

•  What made it fun was the creativity – it’s the fun of thinking about new ways to accomplish something. It was a great day.


Favorite comments from participants in the March 2012 Redding, California workshop:

•  I wanted to give you kudos for your presentation last Saturday.  Everyone that attended seemed to get something to bring home.  Good information and interesting techniques made me think about design and concepts. Thanks for the refreshing session.
•  I enjoyed your presentation quite a bit.  Your understanding of light, color, movement and materials will get my creative juices flowing.  I’ve been tying flies since 1970 and at times become a bit jaded seeing a lot of old material resurface under someones new “idea”.  Your ideas were really novel and I enjoyed tying your flies with your presentation format.
•  As a novice at fly tying, I learned so very much and was exposed to aspects of flies and fly tying that I hadn’t given much thought to. In spite of being the least experienced person in your class, I was able to keep up (barely at times) and complete the patterns. This is, I think, a tribute to your skill at teaching – the ability to challenge and hold the attention of those who are experienced while allowing for time and coaching those who are just starting out.