Additional Comments About Small Fly Articulation

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This is a supplemental post to the Small Fly Articulation feature article.  Information included here is time-sensitive and is subject to change.

We have sourced the Beadalon through the new Amazon shop.

A current best source for Mustad 3366 hooks:

The Canadian Pine Squirrel articulated mini-leech shown in the Step-by-Step tutorial was originally shown me by Mike T. who saw a demo of the fly by J. Jeffrey Sirbu at a FFF conclave.  I have attempted to contact Mr. Sirbu, but have not been successful.

Mike T. likes tying the fly using mink zonkers, feeling that material produces more action, due to long guard hairs in the fur.

I like the movement the Canadian pine squirrel produces in the tail, but will be tying some varieties where the front section is mink and the tail is pine squirrel, hopefully getting the best of both materials.  Mike T. likes an olive/brown combination.  I have had good success with all-black.  Canadian Pine Squirrel zonkers are a Wapsi product and can be gotten by special order from any fly shop with a Wapsi account. The material is also available through online fly shops.

Tying small articulated buggers to match your favorite bugger pattern is a simple task. For example, a marabou tail length equal to the combined straight shank lengths. Then a rear section (say chenille and a palmered hackle), and a front section (same chenille and hackle, with a bead head).

I often use a tungsten bead to get even more jigging action into the pattern.



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