Ain’t Fit for Man or Beast

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chironomid pupa patterns tied for the coming season

Anybody want this foul weather…please take it away?!

Central Oregon is being blasted once again with a nasty cold front.  Lots of wind and rain.  We were thinking of a trip to one of the high Cascade lakes tomorrow (Saturday) but the winds will be 15-25 mph, so a no go.

Been doing projects around house and yard, but also put in time over three days tying chironomid (midge) pupa patterns (shown above). Those are the ticket as the high lakes warm and fishing gets underway.  We certainly do have a short season some years, and 2012 will be one of those.

Body materials in the flies shown include:  red and black holographic tinsel, red wire, and anti-static bag material.  Some of the flies are layered with UV resin.

Got a note today from a good friend, who has just returned from a spring trip to the lakes in the Kamloops B.C. region.  Part of his note said: “The damsels were on at Morgan, on my first cast, even before I got into my pontoon boat, I caught a nice rainbow, fishing from shore on your damsel pattern.”   (the Juicebug Damsel Nymph)  That kind of report brings a satisfied smile to this fly creator.

In a related vein, the Juicebug Damsel Nymph article is one of the major draws to the Fly Foundry site right now.  Damselfly nymph season is upon us, and with it has come a flood of interest.

Will use the blowy weather to work on the next installment of All That Glitters…  This second segment has to do with a couple of favorite topics:  translucency and iridescence, in this case talking about flash products that use these light effects, and why they are so effective in fly fishing.

If it’s great fishing weather where you are, don’t take that for granted.  *grin*





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