All That Glitters… has Launched!

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All That Glitters… the new article about designing, tying and fishing with flash materials has launched.  We particularly like the page on fishing with reflective flash.

This four-page feature is Part One of a multi-part series.

We get our feet wet with this article, and follow in about three weeks with a really juicy piece on translucent and iridescent flash materials, including natural materials with these qualities. Lots of illustrations in this one.


A comment from a Foundry fan: “Your new article is a great addition, it sure made me think about flash, when and how much to use.”

An additional note:  the article talks about using Angel Hair / Lite Brite Hanks.  Here is a Web source to see an Angel Hair color selection.  No endorsement of the vendor is implied, though I have ordered in the past, without any problems, from this company.



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