All the icons and pointy arrows…

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“If you stare at the image just so,
and your brain is sufficiently warped,
you will see a bizarro Oregon Duck.”

cripple fly patterns by Wes Wada -

I am on the leading edge of an energetic surge. Final preparation, Monday, for the fly tying class I am teaching Tuesday night. I am enthused about the class itself. (UPDATE: class went off very nicely before over 30 participants!  We had a great time, and a lot of folks came up afterwards with words of thanks and encouragement.)

Enjoying, immensely, the fly tying and the creation of learning visuals, PDFs, handouts, and macro photography.

The major teaching tools are Photoshop and Apple’s Keynote software, a distant cousin to Microsoft’s Power Point.

I often say “nothing sharpens your thinking about a subject, as having to teach it to a class”. That’s seldom truer than the experience I am having with this topic: Cripple Patterns.

The session is about – why cripples are wise choices for fishing flies. As a side benefit, while doing research, I have also discovered two additional new flies, and both look like promising cripple patterns.

Also that evening, an eye-opening, composite video featuring macro views of mayfly emergence. You can embed video clips to play automatically within Keynote presentations.

This kind of creative activity fills dreary winter days with productive results. Great fun. Also a triple play: instructional material for the coming class, ready presentations for future workshops, and sparkly content for the web site.

<COMIC RELIEF> One of the odd developments in teaching a one-night-only class, is that I need to shift my sleeping hours. Normally, an early riser, I need to wake up later so I am wide awake and reasonably energetic from 5:30 p.m.- 9 p.m. for the class. A few days early, I temporarily force myself to stay up three hours later than usual, so I wake up later. Feels strange, but it works. </COMIC RELIEF>

Moving forward to the coming weekend, we have the honor of a visit from Brian Chan and Phil Rowley, direct from British Columbia. They are presenting a Saturday and Sunday seminar, sponsored by Sunriver Anglers and Central Oregon Flyfishers. Chan and Rowley are heroes to many in our sphere. Masters of Stillwater Fly Angling.  (UPDATE: I checked with Kathleen Schroeder, the Central Oregon Flyfishers education chair, and she said that the current enrollment for this seminar is now at 120 attendees!)

Immediately after that weekend, our family business starts a new Web site design project. Happy long-term client, wishing to renovate their Web presence, with a visual and content refresher. Also, income for us, which is a nice development.

Let us know, if you have a Web need. WadaWorks is prioritizing WordPress installations – want to be regarded as experts in that area. This site is built on WordPress, and is self-hosted. Security is Priority #1. Hackers are pond scum.

Major decision for the site: there will be a new section devoted to macro photography of fly patterns. Specifically, this will be a section for instructing photography in a controlled situation. My macro photo studio setup is very basic, but is the distillation of years of training about light and lighting. (Proud MFA earner in Photography.) Knowledge about light and lighting is sacred ground to grow memorable pictures.

This section might be enabled for moderated contributions from folks like you. Anyone interested in having a shared content section? Send a comment through the message near top right of the screen.

Further stupendous (or is that stupido?) announcements coming about this Web site. Just not their turn, yet. *grin*  Sometimes Life gets messy.  BTW, stupido is defined as: to be dumb, slow, ignorant, or just hopeless – someone that needs a miracle. (Yep, I could use a miracle!  Seriously, Google it.)



Above:  work in progress on a Photoshop file  – for UV2 comparison photographs. This graphic is missing icons and pointers which would indicate which material is Standard, and which is UV2 from Spirit River. For now, you’ll just have to guess. Just thought it looked pretty cool.

If you stare at the image just so, and your brain is sufficiently warped, you will see a bizarro Oregon Duck. Looks like something Nike would come up with.

UPDATE:  Here’s the icon and pointy arrow version:

Spirit River UV2 comparison photos


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