Morris & Chan on Fly Fishing Trout Lakes [Paperback]
Skip Morris (Author), Brian M. Chan (Author)

All-encompassing guide to fly fishing trout lakes. General techniques; reading a lake; cycles of a trout lake; insects and other trout foods; productive lake flies; casting; watercraft; equipment; knots; trout species; learning a new lake.

Note: This book was my earliest acquistion on stillwater fly fishing and is an excellent starter guide to learning your way around stillwater. Recently updated with additional chironomid patterns. Some folks consider this the Bible of stillwater angling.

Fly Patterns for Stillwaters [Paperback]
Philip Rowley (Author)

Rowley explains the link between understanding the food base within lakes to designing effective fly patterns for these environs. Detailed descriptions are given of the particular food item outlining its life cycle, relative importance, size, coloration, and habits. Proven patterns are given, describing both materials and tying techniques.

Note: Another fine book from Phil Rowley. It's a nice companion to Morris and Chan Fly Fishing Trout Lakes..

Contemporary Fly Patterns of British Columbia [Paperback] Art Lingren (Author)

BC flies that have a proven track record; recognize the originator(s); not be flavor of the month; an innovative pattern favored by a guide or knowledgeable and experienced fly-fisher; display some originality.

Note: an excellent book, that is flying below the radar, of notable stillwater patterns. Many flies here you cannot find elsewhere. Lists recipes and unusually informative narratives. Not a step-by-step tying book.

Stillwater Presentation - A Fly Fisher's Comprehensive Guide for Planning and Executing a Presentation System for Catching Stillwater Trout [Hardcover] Denny Rickards (Author)

Note: Rickards is a noted figure in Western USA stillwater fly fishing. This one book summarizes all of his previous books to date, and is the volume I would recommend. Dense, with lots of information to digest.

Fly Tying: 30 Years of Tips, Tricks, and Patterns (Best of Fly Rod & Reel) [Paperback]
Joe Healy (Editor), Ted Leeson (Introduction)

Most effective, most original, and most historic flies published in the 30-year history of Fly Rod & Reel magazine. Contributors such as Darrel Martin, A.K. Best, Ted Leeson and many others.

Note: The book covers a wide range of fly tying interests, but nothing in depth. I found it useful for niche patterns it offered like Water Boatman, Sticklebacks, Smallmouth flies, and Husk fly techniques. The presentation is beautiful, as might be expected from reprints of magazine articles.

Western Trout Fly Tying Manual I [Spiral-Bound]
Jack Dennis (Author)

Note: This is a an older book that was my first book on fly tying. Allthough the publication is receding into the limelight, it still remains one of the best step-by-step instruction books to tie the classic Western USA patterns.


Rainbow Trout Fly Fishing [Paperback]
Ron Newman (Author)

Note: An amazing work, the result of over 30 years of observations and record keeping. Newman compiled his findings (taken from British Columbia waters) and delivers a comprehensive book covering such things as weather conditions, water conditions, moon position, fish and bug activity, and numerous other factors potentially affect fishing success. You should not miss the information in this book!

Predicting the Bite (Afrihili Edition) [Hardcover]
Ronald W Reinhold (Author)

Learn how to accurately predict when fish will be biting and naturally feeding, and put yourself on the water when odds are highest to catch the most fish. Discover how to predict exact days and times when fishing will be best.

See the FlyFoundry review.


Fly Tying Made Clear and Simple [Paperback]
Skip Morris (Author)

Over 220 color photographs show all the techniques you need to know. Clear, precise advice tells you how to do it step-by-step as well as pointing out difficulties and explaining how to overcome them! Dries, wets, streamers, nymphs, etc., included so that you can tie virtually any pattern.

Note: This is a most-recommended book for beginning fly tiers. Many consider it the standard for teaching basic fly tying classes.

Curtis Creek Manifesto: A Fully Illustrated Guide to the Strategy, Finesse, Tactics, and Paraphernalia of Fly Fishing [Paperback]
Sheridan Anderson (Author)

There is much wisdom in this introduction to a difficult sport, all presented in a large cartoon format. Explains aspects of fly-fishing, through both words and drawings, that might otherwise be lost on the neophyte. All this is conveyed with a good sense of humor.

Note: One of the most experienced fly fishermen I know, recommends this book, as his all-time favorite.

1001 Fly Fishing Tips: Expert Advice, Hints and Shortcuts From the World's Leading Fly Fishers [Paperback] Jay Nichols (Editor), Dave Hall (Illustrator)

Over 1,001 of the best fly-fishing tips compiled by the former managing editor of Fly Fisherman magazine. An encyclopedic coverage of almost everything that's important to know about fresh and saltwater fly fishing,

See the FlyFoundry review.


Lefty Kreh on Fly Casting (2004) Tutorial DVD

Lefty covers the basics of fly casting in detail, demonstrating casting aids and exercises that will help beginning and advanced fly casters improve their distance and accuracy. Lefty then demonstrates 20 specific casts that every fly fisherman should know

Note: After slogging through a number of books and videos, this was the DVD that cured my casting. Simple physics, really, and Lefty explains it perfectly.

Bugs of the Underworld - The Natural History of Aquatic Insects Tutorial DVD
Ralph and Lisa Cutter

11 years, 8 cameras, 3 countries, countless breaths underwater. Extraordinary underwater footage follows the life cycles of mayflies, stoneflies, caddisflies, & other amazing bugs. Flyfishers will gain valuable insights as they see how insects behave & what they really look like to trout!

Note: The finest underwater video footage of the major bugs and hatches that trout eat. Very educational to view, and your fishing will benefit. An Award-Winning effort by the Cutters.


Link to Video.

Sea Eagle 285fpb Inflatable Pontoon Boat PRO

Rugged, lightweight, portable pontoon boat. This one-man boat weighs 42 pounds, packs in a small bag, and can be rowed forward or backwards. This stealth 9-foot inflatable fishing boat fits easily in any car trunk and sets up within 20 minutes. The 1000 denier reinforced hull material can take a pounding. The motormount accepts an electric motor or up to 3 hp gas engine for easy motoring.

Note: I've fished in the Sea Eagle 285fpb for the last two seasons and am in love with the craft for stillwater fly fishing. The only weakness is the oar lock design, which needs to be babied, and is the reason I would not recommend the boat for rivers. Being able to stand up to cast is a great advantage! Super fast craft when oaring compared to normal pontoon boats. Huge range using a small trolling motor. Excellent warranty and customer service.

TFO BVK Fly Rod - 4-Piece

BVK rods are fast action rods designed to excel in Presentation and Distance. Translucent olive blanks are topped with matching braided carbon fiber reel seats, TFO's Tactical Series Stripping Guides, ultra lightweight chromium-impregnated stainless snake guides and flor grade grips.

Note: The Temple Fork Outfitters rod line are, IMO, a Best Buy in fly rods, and I own a bundle of them. The Lefty Kreh-designed BVK line is a beautiful casting fast-action rod with hardly-there rod weight and a soft tip for precise presentation. The blank casts similar to an Orvis Helios. My favorite is the 9-ft. 5-wt. which I cast using a 6-wt. line. I am planning to get the new 10-ft. 6-wt. fairly soon.


Phentex Slipper & Craft Yarn-Hot Orange
Note: My preferred yarn for indicators. Phentex is the highest floating yarn made, with a specific gravity lighter than water. The yarn has a stiff, crunchy quality that makes for good parachute posts, as well.

Phentex Slipper & Craft Yarn-Hot Lime

Note: My preferred yarn for indicators. Phentex is the highest floating yarn made, with a specific gravity lighter than water. The yarn has a stiff, crunchy quality that makes for good parachute posts, as well.


Liquid Fusion Clear Urethane Glue - 2 oz.

Clear urethane glue. Maximum strength non-foaming non-toxic 100% waterproof and fast drying. Non-toxic. No clamping required. No dampening. Dries very clear. 2-4 hour dry time.

Note: This is a product almost identical to Aqua Seal. Since its introduction, it has become the sealant of choice, and is super useful on the fly tying bench. Use it in place of Soft-Tex.

Beadalon 19-Strand Bead Stringing Wire, 0.015-Inch, Black, 30-Feet
Around $10-$11

Note: This is the recommended articulation wire for small articulated flies. 30 feet is a lot, so plan to divide the purchase with other fly tiers. Although not noted, this wire is 12-pound test. Your local Michaels or Jo-Ann's may have this product in 15-ft rolls.

Beadalon 19-Strand Bead Stringing Wire, 0.018-Inch, Black, 30-Feet
Around $9.50

Note: This is the recommended articulation wire for large articulated flies, such as those tied by Kelly Galloup and Brian Wise. 30 feet is a lot, so plan to divide the purchase with other fly tiers. Although not noted, this wire is 17-pound test. Your local Michaels or Jo-Ann's may have this product in 15-ft rolls.

Stretch Magic Clear, 0.7mm, 25 meter spool

Note: This is the stretch clear cord used in the Juicebug Damsel Nymph pattern. Other widths are available.

Coastal Deer Hair Color: Bleached

Note: This is the Bleached Coastal Deer Hair used in the Bottlebrush Cripple pattern. This is a common product, and you should check for it first at your local flyshop.