A Fine Friday in Fly Fishing Life

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Blessed and grateful.

The first happening of the day was an email conversation with new fishing friend, Canadian Neville Gosling.  One of the pics he sent over, was of Painted Turtles that he photographed on a recent trip. (click for an full frame enlargement)

The last happening was tying three Larry’s Lizards – blue version. These are additional copies (reinforcements) of the fly that caught a pair of lunker largemouths a couple days ago, and will be fished again soon. The original fly design is by Larry Godfrey in Bend, Oregon, and it’s an articulated (jointed) fly. This is a slight variant done with materials at hand.


In between the happenings was a stop at the neighborhood fly shop, and a nice hour chat with Bob and Ira.  Lots of laughs among the fly fishing and tying talk. Bob’s story about Racquel Welch and the Viking headdress, oh, nevermind…


Ira asked a very good question, and it’s the sort of idea that deserves a page of its own:

What is the hoped-for goal of this Web site?

(Long. pause.)

I answered that the most desired result of this Web site would be to book more workshops.  (I love to teach, and workshops rank highly, personally, on the fun and satisfaction scale.)

Also, I’ve had a lot of people in the workshops and classes who have said the presentations are different than most, thought-provoking and mentally refreshing. That’s appreciated by students.

So having more opportunities to do presentations would be a nice side effect.


Another goal would be to get some of the ideas and information from the workshops, more “out there”.

Right now the easiest way to reach distant fly fishers and fly tiers is through FlyFoundry.com but additional opportunities may present themselves, as they have, since the March launch of the Web site.

Ira also said he really appreciated the Foundry, which was a nice boost for the Esprit de Corps of all involved.  Appreciation is always appreciated.


Possibly a human failing, though hopefully excusable – travel and fishing are getting in the way of this Web site’s expansion.

It’s difficult to find the time to work on articles.  Next year, this time, there will be a publicized and scheduled Fly Foundry Fishing Vacation. I work best on the site from August to March, and it makes sense to go with the flow.  That’s also a period when I am most involved with fly tying.

So apologies for the current Fly Foundry – fits and starts. There’s a lot of balls in the air. Though, as the guys note, traveling and fishing make for a nice problem. Please think of it as research and fly testing time.

Wes Wada

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