Awesome Asset for Central Oregon Stillwater Anglers

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Atlas of Oregon Lakes, an online project of Portland State University is a big boost for the fishing prospects of Central Oregon (and Oregon) anglers.

Stillwater newbies are often baffled about how to fish lakes and reservoirs. “All that water, where do I start?”

A rite of passage for stillwater success is realizing the importance of underwater structure.  The lay of the land under all that water, largely determines the holding areas and fish highways that our finny friends use.

The old adage that 20% of the water holds 80% of the fish is true here. Understanding where that fishing holes are = big step in the process.  20% of anglers catch 80% of the fish. Understanding underwater structure is one reason why.

A Greatest Hits list in reading the water would include channels, dropoffs, corners, points and bays, and  ledges and flats next to deep holes – some of the underwater structures to look for.

A potent  tool for this search is a topographic map showing underwater depth contours. If you live in Oregon, here’s the topo tool for you: Atlas of Oregon Lakes.

After you click the link for the fishery name, click the link that says “Interactive Map”.

Here’s a list interactive maps for popular fly waters in Central Oregon:

Crane Prairie

East Lake

Lava Lake

Davis Lake

Hosmer Lake

Chickahominy Reservoir

Antelope Flat Reservoir

Little Lava Lake

Paulina Lake

Wickiup Reservoir

Diamond Lake


A note about the Atlas of Oregon Lakes site was posted originally on the Fly Foundry Twitter page.  Have you visited there?  Fly Foundry uses Twitter to post small items of interest. Some really nice pages linked, some will provide hours of adult entertainment.  Not seeking followers or aggregating posts from other Twitter users.  It’s just a convenient way to post links and highlights.

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