Bend Workshop Announced and Filled!

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The Dec. 8th “Thinking Aside” fly tying workshop has been announced and filled in three days!

The all-day Saturday immersion in design thinking, problem solving techniques, new techniques and materials is the second in a series of Bend workshops.  The first one was held in 2010.

Spirit River is throwing in a major assist via their sponsorship of the workshop.

If you would like to see details of a fly tying workshop that matches the goals and content of the Fly Foundry web site, take a look.

Workshop Publicity

Workshop Details

As always, Wes Wada has a collection of workshop and class presentations available for your organization or club.  Contact him by using the link at top right of this page.

UPDATE:  Congratulations to Ryan Johnson of Redmond, Oregon for being selected as the young fly tier scholarship recipient for the workshop.  Ryan, 21, was referred by Reed Teuscher of the Fin & Fire fly shop.

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