The main attraction is large predatory brown trout,

so it’s understandable why Brian Wise describes himself

as a complete streamer freak.

xBrian has been active over a decade guiding in the extreme south of

..Missouri, and his mainstays are the wild rainbows and monster brown

..trout of the north fork of the fabled White River.

..Notes Wise, “As a guide, Kelly Galloup’s flies have put more big fish in

.. my boat than any other tier out there.” To our great benefit, Wise’s first tying video series is dedicated to Galloup’s great streamers.

...The videos are a blitz of superb production values: great imagery and videos of (admittedly) time-consuming flies. All this chugs

....along to the thumping beat of his current playlist . ”A crazy guy tying

....flies like a hummingbird on a coffee binge.”

....The highlights are underwater video of the flies at their fish-entrancing Getting a look at each fly’s movements is really helpful to under

.....stand why certain patterns attract fish. Try a few, and feel the buzz –

......big browns ripping the rod out of your hands when they smash the fly.

I got into fly fishing and tying later in life than a lot of people in my profession. I gear fished a lot when I was a very young boy, but sports and girls took over in junior high and high school and I didn't fish at all. It wasn't until after meeting a certain gal that I even started seriously fishing again…SHE got me back into fishing, and ultimately into fly fishing. I married her a couple of years later. (The Wise’s two young boys are catching the family fishing addiction.)

Tying was something that I started pretty much right off the bat when I started fly fishing. I scoured the internet for patterns (this was the very late 90's or early 2000, before YouTube and streaming videos). Help from some Web sites and an awesome mentor helped me jump in with both feet.

Today, with all the step-by-step, how-to Web videos, it is pretty easy to hear about a fly and have someone walk you through the paces.

But, I still think the good, old fashion hands-on mentor is absolutely huge for a new fly tier.”

Brian recommends your local fly club as a great source of fly tying knowledge and instruction, an ideal situation for a beginning fly tier.

As a top midwest guide and video wizard, Brian has been featured in print such as Southern Living Magazine, Outdoor Life, Fly Fisherman and Field and Stream. His television appearances include NBC’s Today Show, Outdoor Channel’s Ultimate Outdoors, and several appearances on Outdoor Channel Outfitters.

Brian: There have been articulated flies for a long, long time....but most of them were super heavy and had no movement. Then, Galloup really started pushing new flies out. Most of the older style articulated flies jigged, up and down, up and down. Galloup's articulated streamers SWIM.

It may seem funny to call Galloup's line of flies the "old style", but there are some newer streamer guys out there. They are once more pushing the boundaries and taking streamer fishing to the next level.

Brian suggests looking up patterns and videos by streamer designers Mike Schmidt, Rich Strolis, Nick Granato and Charlie Craven.

Fly Foundry note: if you don’t have the opportunity to fish streamers for the big browns, these tying videos display a variety of valuable techniques. Among them are Galloup’s articulated joint design, the use of Schlappen feathers for bulk without weight, and the combinations of colors and materials deemed to be proven fish getters.

Although these flies take more time than normal to tie, the materials are easy to find, the tying is easy and comfortably non-precise. Many of the flies are like tying two of the same flies, with the same materials, and then joining them together.

Scale the patterns down to a smaller size and try them on your local fish. Use the opportunity to open up a whole new area in your fly tying.

This has been the year of the articulated fly for this angler. Everything from mini-leeches to bass flies to the Galloup patterns have gotten the articulation treatment, and it’s been an eye-opener.

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