Business Owners: Beware of Turbo Tax this Year

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Don’t say you weren’t warned…


For over a decade we have done our taxes using Turbo Tax and were always happy with the software and service.

This year, however, Turbo Tax is an ABSOLUTE DISASTER, and we have taken our business permanently to the H&R Block software.  

Here’s why:
We have always used Turbo Tax Premier for our business software and always worked off the annual CD program.  This year, without any announcements:

A.  Turbo Tax Premier no longer has the ability to calculate Schedule C for business returns!  You have to upgrade to Home & Business to be able to work with Schedule C.  Turbo Tax got so many complaints about that, they are shipping a free Home & Business disk to everyone who has the issue.

B.  Turbo Tax Premiere and Home & Business require Apple OS 10.7 to run, they no longer work on Snow Leopard.  Again, unannounced on the promo and renewal materials.

C.  When we finally got the Home & Business CD, the program still came up as Premier and prompted us to “upgrade” to Home & Business, the same program.  If you were unfortunate to click the Upgrade button, they try to sell you the online version.  We absolutely will not do these things online (Turbo Tax Cloud – gimme a break!).  We are Internet professionals and will not even bank online, we know the risks, and they are considerable.

D.  The few amounts of tax calculations we were able to do were obviously INACCURATE!  Then the program hung and crashed the computer when you tried to quit.

E.  Tech support at Turbo Tax means you have a one-way conservation with a machine, leave a phone number, and if you are lucky, they call you back four hours later.  This is mid-February…can you imagine the chaos near tax time?

F.  They put us on the wait list for their Mac experts, and after a three hour wait, we gave up.

Looking at the support forum discussions, Turbo Tax is overwhelmed by complaints. Not a few were about unwanted, and probably unwarranted charges for upgrades. Good luck on that refund!

Luckily, someone suggested H&R Block software, so I looked that up.  You can download a computer version immediately.  It supports Snow Leopard. You can easily import your Turbo Tax tax return file. The H&R Block software is easier to use and hasn’t been buggy.   Look up a discount coupon code via Google and you can get a business version (called “Premium”) for $62 or less.

We have canceled our subscription to Turbo Tax. They have lost us for good, and they could have had our $80/year for the next ten years.  Multiply that by millions of pissed-off users, and you can sense the big hit that incompetent, sloppy company is going to have to their bottom line.

Then, there’s the story of United Parcel Service, who shipped the rush order to Portland, Maine instead of Portland, Oregon.  But, that’s another sad tale.

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