Do you know Chad Carpenter and Tundra?

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We don’t take the daily paper here in Bend, Oregon.  The other day, I was reading a left-behind comic section at a laundromat, and behold, there was this guy Chad Carpenter and his comic strip Tundra.  Laffed my head off, clipped out the comic and looked it up at home on the InnerTubes.

Chad Carpenter is described as the second coming of Gary Larson and Far Side, except Chad is an Alaskan and his favorite characters include bears, moose, circus clowns, penguins, gingerbread house witches, snowmen, and the very Alaskan ideals of hunting, fishing and wildlife.

See Chad’s site at:  The link is set up to view strips from 2010, which evidently was a banner year for comedy.

Carpenter says it’s ok to post cartoons in a personal blog, so here it goes.  All cartoons Copyright Tundra Comics.

















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