A Fly Tying Poster / visual for a demo

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Promo poster for FlyFoundry.com with original flies by Wes Wada

(click photo for enlargement)


The local fly club’s December meeting has traditionally been used for fly tying demos by club members.

In preparation for this last 2014 event, I decided to put together a 11″x 14″ poster that highlighted the Fly Foundry site and a selection of originally created flies.

You can create a Photoshop document at 3300 pixels wide and 4200 pixels tall, at 300 pixels per inch (dpi).  Burn the final copy to a disk and then output the file at Costco or a local digital photo processor.

Above is a copy of that poster, reduced in size to fit on a blog page.  The project was fun to do, and seeing a bunch of my fly creations all gathered on a poster was a treat.


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