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"Early season dry fly action starts in earnest with hatches of little black stoneflies. This pattern fools the trickier, more selective fish."
Materials Used
Hook:  Daiichi 1100, size 16-20 or TMC 100
Tail: Moose Body
Abdomen: Spirit River Fine & Dry March Brown or Nature's Spirit Emergence Dubbing (Trilobal) Charcoal Black
Wing:  Grizzly Hackle Feather or Hen Feather
Hackle: Black CDC
Head:  Same dubbing as above
Antennae: Moose Body
"A great nymph from Solitude flies. In the smaller sizes it does a great job imitating mayfly nymphs. It is also a good attractor in larger sizes."
Materials Used
Hook:  Daiichi 1120, size 16-20, or TMC 2487
Bead:  Tungsten bead sized to fit hook
Tail: Hackle fibers
Rib:  Small Ultra Wire to match color scheme
Abdomen: Tying thread 70 denier
Wingcase: Black Biot or Black Krystal Flash
Legs: Hareline Psuedo Hackle
Thorax:  Nature's Spirit Emergence Dubbing (Trilobal)
Legs: Krystal Flash

"This fly gets the job done. Trail it behind another nymph or fish below a dry fly, it always works. The color scheme is up to you."
Materials Used
Hook:  Tiemco 2487 
Bead:  clear 15/0 glass bead
Thread:  70 denier
Rib:  Ultra wire
Dubbing:  Wapsi Superfine
"An awesome all purpose mayfly dun imitation. Easy and quick to tie but very effective. It can be adapted to suit any small to medium sized mayfly. Dry with amadou and finish drying with desiccant."
Materials Used
Hook: Daiichi 1100, sizes 16-20
Thread:  70 Denier UTC
Tail:  Microfibbets or Coq de Leon
Body:  Dubbing of choice
Wing:  CDC
"A twist on the original Klinkhammer Special- the world famous fly created by Hans van Klinken. Both the post and hackle are made from CDC. This pattern sits nicely on the water's surface. The CDC hackle undulates and adds movement to the fly. The black color scheme works well in mid to late summer as terrestrial insects find their way onto the water's surface."
Materials Used
Hook: Daiichi 1160 size 8-14
Thread: Ultra Thread 140 (Sizes 14 and larger) or 70 denier (sizes 16 and smaller)
Abdomen/Thorax: Wapsi Superfine Dubbing
Rib: Silver Ultra Wire
Post: White CDC
Hackle: Black CDC