How about a Bend All-day Workshop in December?

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Throwing this out there to poll the interest in an all-day Saturday Fly Tying workshop on December 5th this year?  

This would be the third Bend workshop, and as with the others, it will be held at the Central Oregon Environmental Center near downtown Bend.  I have had Dec. 5th reserved for a long time, so the date is solid.

Hey! Good response so far.
Last night I worked out the possibilities for the workshop’s content and got excited!  Looked like something where I would sign up for the class.  As usual, nothing quite like this is available anywhere. Encouraging that I already have more than enough new content to fill a Saturday.


Due to a 20% increase in the meeting room rental fee, the class registration will likely be $24.  The fee basically gets me to the break even point after purchasing hook$ and materials.

Will say for sure that part of the session will be a hands-on demo of some new dyeing techniques that do not require stovetop, hot water, temperature control, handling toxic dyes etc. etc.  A lot of fly tiers avoid dyeing materials because of the hassle and unpredictability of results.  While there are limits to what these new products can do, you will find the results to be a real plus to your skills.

And a lot more…

Let me know your interest by email or phone:  541-206-4316.  I already have some registrants, so based on past workshops, the available spaces will go quickly.  Priority registration will be given to past participants in these workshops.

I am currently about 60% to 40% odds on doing this, as it is a ton of work and requires boundless energy! The flip side is that a successful workshop is a memorable experience, and very satisfying to pull off.



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