Kick-Ass Ant Pattern Resources & Updates

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Supplemental material updated as needed for Wes’s Kick-Ass Ant.  Click link to view the full tutorial.

Update August 9th, 2015:  The Kick-Ass Ant is currently the most popular pattern on the Fly Foundry web site!  The tutorial included in the article linked above is on a pace to be downloaded 500 times this month!

Daiichi 1130 #14 and #10
Daiichi hooks are also now distributed by Hareline, so your local fly shop may be able to order them.
Tiemco 2487 #14 and #10  (fly shops)
Rainy’s Float Foam (small and medium, black)  (least expensive online source currently found for the Rainy’s product)
Local sources – Dec. 2014:  Fin & Fire ($4.95), Patient Angler
Black hackle or Whiting 100s (#12 for small Kick-Ass) – fly shops
Danville Monocord, Black  (discontinued item, stock up! I also use white.)  (favorite online source) 

Dan from Danville recommended the site below for more monocord.  Their main listing is for 50yd. spools of unwaxed, but Kathy can get almost anything from Danville. Order here if you want to support a small business with good customer service.

Black Monocord (unwaxed) at Little Village

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