Kicking off another tying season at Fly Foundry

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.Claim: There’s no way to prevent the sky from falling.

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An elaborate system of hydraulics (with backups) will keep this from happening, and each unit is controlled separately to prevent systemic failure. Some sections of the sky may sag during scheduled maintenance, but this is temporary and such work will only be done at night.


Update: Jan. 18th – working on a new feature for Larry’s Lizard, a terrific subsurface largemouth bass fly that has been working wonders locally.  It’s a great teaching fly that uses articulation, a special double mono weed guard, and state-of-the-art coloration.  Look for the article soon.  Couple of big business projects done and out of the way, so a clear path ahead.


Kicking off the tying season, albeit a little delayed.  After the Redding, CA workshop, had to dive into a major business project (mobile-optimized Web site design) for a long-standing client.  Then spouse Linda returned from a trip abroad with knee problems that laid her up.  She is better now, but not yet 100%

Both of those events (still churning) have kept me from completing a Web feature about Spirit River’s UV2.  To start things rolling, I will, instead, post the PDF workshop teaching version of the topic.  What you will be missing is the side commentary I give during the presentation, but that will have to come later.

You can view the workshop slide show by clicking
Spirit River’s UV2 – A Status Report.

Be sure to view the UV2 gallery, which made for an enjoyable time behind the camera.


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