What’s This All About?

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Whether you are an old hand at fly tying or just a novice, you will find information and inspiration here.


This site is a project of a 35-year fly fisher and fly tier,  featuring online articles and a virtual classroom.

Wes Wada is a designer, and former college design and photography professor for 15 years. The idea-rich techniques taught in this new Web site are similar to those he uses to train successful creative professionals.

“Creative professionals” is a high-faluting term for people like designers, photographers, visual artists, and advertising pros  –   stressed-out folks who need to come up with ideas on-cue.  For a creative professional, client-pleasing ideas on tight deadlines is the stuff that puts dinner on the table, and pays the mortgage!

There is literally an industry that exists to assist these folks, with entire publishing houses devoted to idea books, creative thinking guides, teaching videos and the like, and this site draws from a similar well of inspiration.

To put it simply, it’s a similar approach to teach fly tying.


The idea-generating techniques are easy to learn, and the rewards are substantial.
And, creating your own original flies, and catching fish with them, is fun you deserve to have.
Dive in, look around, please come back and see Fly Foundry come to fruition.


The first step is to sprout and nurture your own Creative Mindset. That’s what is taught and encouraged here, and that article is a recommended first view on the site.

Other articles in the inaugural launch edition include:

Featured Fly: the Juicebug Damsel Nymph  (shows the background, idea process, tying techniques and fishing tips that will be a part of our fly pattern tutorials)

The Search for the Ideal Hook (yes, it does make a difference)

Using Google to Enhance Your Fly Tying (the start of a series of articles that show how to use the online power of the Googles to streamline your fly tying organization)

Book Review: Predicting the Bite, a book by Ronald W. Reinhold – making sense of the relationship between weather and fishing success

Videos: one of the fly tying giants of YouTube, Scottish fly tier Davie McPhail, a profile and four of his superb UK-style chironomid pupa patterns.

About Fly Foundry and Wes Wada (so you will know who to blame for this mess!)

Also available are Twitter posts and an occasional Thinking Aside blog entry.  The blog will be used, especially, to answer questions, so feel free to use the Submit Comments & Questions link at the top right of every page.

Current activity going on in the Thinking Aside blog.

Recent additions are listed here.


Thanks for Reading!

Wes Wada – Fly Foundry founder
Bend, Oregon USA


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