Mystery Flash

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UPDATE: Part one of the  article about Flash Materials – All That Glitters… will publish Monday, May 21.  Hopes are it will be worth the wait. This has been a difficult piece to produce, and I have split it into multiple parts.  The second part will follow two weeks after, at the latest.

Above is one of the teaching images from the article.  Take a careful look at it.  Pretend you’d have to describe it perfectly when questioned by the authorities.

This is a flash material. It’s extremely translucent, as can be seen in the fibers isolated on the black background.

The color is unworldly – difficult to photograph to get any semblance of what it looks like, in real life.

It’s fluorescent.

And finally, see the ends of the fibers at the left of the photo, the little bright dots?

The material is fiber optical, a light pipe. Like those fiber optic lamps made of monofilament nylon.

For now, we’ll call it Mystery Flash.

Come learn about Mystery Flash, and see the new feature: All That Glitters.




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