Phil Rowley at the Winter Seminar – Sunriver Oregon

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Wanted to acknowledge the great effort by all at the Winter Seminar presented last Saturday and Sunday (Feb. 9-10) by Sunriver Anglers and Central Oregon Flyfishers.  Thanks especially to Doug Vakoc and Kathleen Schroeder of the two clubs, who were coordinators for the event.

The featured guest was Phil Rowley from British Columbia, who had the daunting task of also presenting Brian Chan’s material.  Brian had a medical emergency and was unable to travel, so Phil did about 10 hours of presentations in two days.

This was one of the most comprehensive expositions about stillwater flyfishing imaginable.  Even the most experienced anglers gained important insights and positive reinforcement of ideas that had been rumbling around in our brains.  I could only imagine how valuable this was to neophytes just beginning their stillwater fly fishing adventures.

140 people attended, and the venue was the new SHRAC facility (a $19 million project).  Here’s a cool time-lapse video of SHRAC’s construction… fun, if you have  a couple minutes to spare.

Here are some photos:




The well-appointed midge flybox.  This is just one of several sections in Rowley’s chironomid arsenal.

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In about ten hours of presentations over Saturday and Sunday, we viewed hundreds of photographs, all nicely done.  Here is a Powerpoint slide of chironomid larva and the flies tied to imitate them.



Phil Rowley and Brian Chan both make extensive use of Powerpoint digital presentations.  Attendees were supplied with pdf files of all the presentations.  The following was one of my favorite slides.  I’ve seen fish being killed by improper use of a throat pump, and it ain’t a pretty sight to see. (Remember when we all called it a stomach pump?)



Words to the wise:

Rowley’s Quote of the Day.  “The patience you develop when chironomid fishing will bode well for other flies and presentations.”

Rowley advise to roll cast a multiple fly setup:  “Flies tangle in the air,  not in the water.”

Rowley describing the biological development of triploid trout:  “Once they realize there is no sex in their lives, they EAT.”

The Winter Seminar was a worthwhile weekend.  We all got to see people whose paths we had not crossed in years, literally.  So great to see everyone still active and involved.


See more on Phil Rowley at his Web site:
Phil Rowley and Brian Chan can also be found at


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