Submitting for Reviews

Wes Wada and other reviewers are always interested in recognizing books, publications, new fly tying tools and materials – efforts in our active industry and pasttime – that would be of interest to our readers.

Items can be sent to:

Wes Wada
Fly Foundry
1265 NE 9th St.
Bend, OR 97701


Please look at our latest reviews to get an idea of the comprehensive evaluation we would like to do.

No guarantees are made that an item will be reviewed, but we will do our best.  Please send a query, if you would rather do that first. We can publish new products notices in the blog as items are received.

Items not supplied with return shipping will be donated to the Central Oregon Flyfishers fly club for fundraising for their many worthwhile projects – benefitting local flyfishing and youth programs.  We will have them supply you with the necessary tax documentation, if desired.

Central Oregon Flyfishers is one of the largest, most active fly clubs in the nation, with 280 members, currently.