To get real traction in creating original flies, you need a dynamic problem-solving attitude and an inventive thinking mindset. That’s the focus for the workshops and the Fly Foundry Web site.

Writing from homewaters of natural beauty...
Hosmer Lake in the central Oregon Cascades range.

"The fun and enjoyment of creating productive original flies is a huge part of my love for fly fishing. It’s a tremendous thrill to create a fly that captures large, wary fish.

Teaching these creative techniques to others, is personally rewarding."

WES WADA has been fly fishing and tying for 35 years. He learned the ropes during the '80s in a colorful circle of southern Idaho fly fishers, who congregated at Ruel Stayner's fly shop in Twin Falls.

Wes and wife Linda have lived in Bend, Oregon, since 1992, drawn there by the natural beauty of the region, and the nearby lakes and reservoirs like Crane Prairie, and Diamond, East, Davis and Hosmer.

Wes also fished as much as a month's days of fishing, spread throughout each year, at northern California's Sugar Creek Ranch. During the ranch's halcyon days, fishing for the big PhD.lunkers was a great education.

A college photography and design professor, teaching for 15 years, he and Linda used teacher’s vacations to travel full-time in a camper van for 11 summers. Much of the time was fishing and photographing in the western U.S. and Canada.

Wes is a stillwater fly fishing specialist. "I find fly fishing challenging, and enjoy the difficulty of fooling trout in pressured fisheries. In stillwater situations, the fish get a really long look at your offering, so the margin for error can be darned small. But when you hit it right, the rewards put a big, nasty fish on the end of your tippet. They grow them big in stillwater.”

"When we lived in southern Idaho, it was mostly stream and river fishing, with a handful of stillwater fisheries, so I draw from those experiences, when needed."

In Oregon, he is active in the fly tying instruction for Central Oregon Flyfishers.

He also produces independent, all-day Saturday workshops, that are well received.

This thinking-outside-the-(fly)box approach has proven very popular in his workshops.



Wes will be doing a session for the Central Oregon Flyfishers

Winter Fly Tying Series

TUES. FEB. 25, 2014
@Bend Senior Center



The next workshop is tentatively scheduled for:
SAT. DECEMBER 6, 2014 -or- possibly a week earlier

@ Central Oregon Environmental Center

Bend, Oregon

Please contact Wes if you would like to schedule a workshop

or presentation in your area. A number of programs can be tailored to your needs and interest.


As a professional designer, Wes’s interest is to teach simple, but effective creative thinking strategies for inventing original flies.

The strategies are the same techniques he has developed to train successful designers and photographers.

These teaching techniques were honed over thousands of classes with hundreds of students. Even the topic of Wes's Master of Fine Arts thesis (1978) was The Teaching of Creativity – so this has been a long-term involvement for him.

As a photographer, he is especially aware of light and color. That expertise has helped develop effective uses of what he calls “light effect fibers” for fishing fly design.

To illustrate, one of his original patterns - the Juicebug Damsel Nymph- has been a fishing marvel, and the pattern is based on translucency. That pattern is profiled on this Web site, so you can tie and try the fly yourself.

A blast from our past. Summer travels in Vannie from the 1980s.
Vannie has taken us on 190,000 miles of fishing, camping and
photography. We are currently restoring the old gal to her former
glory. Wish we could be young again, as well!

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