Wes Wada Tying Class for Central Oregon Flyfishers

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Update: Feb. 27th – we had 38 tiers at the class, one of the most-attended sessions of the COF Winter Tying Series.  Thanks to all the participants for their interest and thank yous. – Wes

Wes Wada will be teaching the Tues., Feb. 25th session of Central Oregon Flyfishers’ Winter Fly Tying Series. (mark your calendar!)

The tying topic is titled:  Top to Bottom – Building a Midge Rig.


1. Wes’s copper version of Brian Chan’s Red Butt chironomid pupa

Copper Red Butt chironomid pupa by Wes Wada









2. Wes’s new and very popular Ninja Chironomid pupa (link to background info)

note:  Just received this on Feb. 7th:  Hey Wes, just back from two days at Pyramid Lake. And the Ninja was again my top fly.  Landed a dozen with largest hitting eleven pounds.  Other guys were also catching fish but my Ninja by far had the most grabs and it garnered a lot of attention.  Thanks again.

Ninja Chironomid Pupa original fly by Wes Wada










In addition
1. The latest advice and techniques to build Wes’s NZ-cator strike indicator system (materials supplied).

Wes Wada's NZ-cator Strike Indicator









2. Tying and fishing a midge (chironomid pupa) rig:  Personal recommendations for arrangement, knots, knot tools, tippet, indicator, and storage rig.


Since most of the Winter Tying sessions concentrate on river flies, this is an opportunity for lake and reservoir anglers and those wanting to learn stillwater flies and techniques.

Fee for the class is $5 to cover supplied materials and room rental costs.

Open to Central Oregon Flyfishers members and anglers from other clubs on a one-time basis.


Bend Senior Center
Tues. Feb. 25th
Room opens at 5:30 p.m.
Session is from 6-8:30 p.m.
$5 fee payable to Central Oregon Flyfishers

Link to flyer for the class.










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