Tying Tips – Juicebug Damsel Nymph

Most FLY FOUNDRY tying tutorials are presented in pdf format.

This tutorial for the Juicebug Damsel Nymph is 33 panels long.
On-site tutorials are abbreviated versions of the teaching visuals used in workshop settings.

The full workshop tutorial includes extensive instructions and 69 step-by-step closeup photographs. This type of visual and text instruction, we feel, is better than watching tying videos.  If you are learning fly tying, you will find these very helpful.

The extended commercial version can be will be available in late April 2012 as a downloadable PDF file, and eventually on CD as part of a tutorial collection.

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Part.1: Introduction
Part 2: Matching the Natural
Part 3: Tying Instructions
Part 4: Fishing Tips
Part 5: Resources

Tying tutorials are presented in PDF format which most modern Web browsers can view. If you cannot view the file, you should download the small, safe, self-installing plugin Adobe Acrobat Reader.